I was a mediator before I became one.

It took me quite some years to really get to know myself and realise that throughout my life I have been busy empowering people on the one hand and avoiding conflict on the other.   Of course, conflicts are part of life and friction can be very useful: it can lead to improved communication, new insights and innovation. Escalating conflicts however cause a lot of damage, harming relationships or even destroying them and bringing loss to everyone involved… wether those are conflicts with others or conflicts within yourself… I wish for people to (be able to) live their best lives possible and helping them with that fulfills me deeply.

As a seasoned (30+ years) communications & interim manager, mediator & coach I read people and teams in a minute, help them get unstuck and support them through transitions and conflicts. The question that I started  my own coaching journey with a few years back was that I wanted to become who I am. I fills me with gratitude  that I have found my path and that I can help people and teams find theirs. 

How do I work? I work with what shows up. I do not follow fixed programs or methods. I listen, ask, reflect and invite or challenge. <Warning>  I just might hear what is not said, see when you ‘hide’, feel hidden bottlenecks and ask the questions to reveal what lies below. I don’t take anything as a given, don’t find anything crazy, don’t judge, look at everything from every angle, and then from a few more.

In addition to my BA at Nyenrode, I am an accredited mediator registered in the MfN register and a co-active coach trained by CTI London.

Please do contact me for a (virtual) coffee if this resonates with you.