For cultural projects, team coaching and scans I always start with a non-binding intake conversation. To get to know each other and to discuss the project. If the assignment calls for it, I will talk to more people.  And we determine if there is a personal click. Without one, I could never be of optimal service to you. After that I develop a proposal and quote based on what was discussed in the intake(s). This is also completely non-binding and free of charge.

For  coaching I always start with a free ‘chemistry session’, where we often already come to great insights.  If we then decide to work together,  the Transformation Package consists of 1 meetings of 90 minutes and 5 of 45-60 minutes within a period of 3 months. The first meeting is a double session to immediately dive in deep. In between the sessions there is the possibility for unlimited contact via whatsapp and mail. The cost of this package is € 1.150,- and intended for private customers. I would be happy to discuss corporate coaching or other arrangements with you personally.  I have also structurally set aside some time for a number of pro-bono coaching trajectories. Let me know if you would like to qualify for this.

Mediation is on an hourly basis. The rate per hour is € 200,- excluding VAT.
The process and costs are laid down in the mediation agreement prior to the start of the mediation.