Collaboration scan

You have many collaborations, both within your organization in and with your teams and managers, and with parties outside your company like clients, suppliers, financers etc. However different, they are alle vital for the optimal functioning of the company. Often, if there are small hindrances, you ignore them in the hope that they disappear by themselves. Sometimes that works, but if not, it can develop into a conflict with major consequences for the relationship.

With the collaboration scan you review the current quality of your collaboration(s). You find out what works perfect and should be cherished, and where changes could be made to strengthen the relationship for the future.

For who?
The collaboration scan can review your collaborations on content, relations and finance and is intended for collaborations between:

  • partners, management, MT
  • within teams and between teams
  • financiers
  • customers
  • suppliers
  • and other stakeholders

The process:

In a quick scan we discuss which collaborations are to be addressed

I then interview all people concerned individually

In a joint conversation we discuss the points that came up and contemplate actions for improvement.

Where applicable, new or amended agreements can be legally tested.

What does a collaboration scan yield?

Clarity about mutual expectations and processes

Confidence in a successful continuation of the cooperation

Strengthened relationship