Conflict scan

There is a conflict. It can no longer be denied and it cannot be solved without action. You want to solve it, but don’t know how to create the opening to resolve the conflict constructively? Surely you don’t want to compromise your cooperation and you want to restore trust and mutual purpose.

The process

In a quick scan (potential) bottlenecks, goals and intended results are discussed. I draw up a plan of action.

Discussions with all parties/stakeholders.

Joint meeting to agree on resolution of the dispute and how to deal with possible future frictions.

Where applicable, an affiliated (or your own) lawyer can legally review the agreements.

What are the benefits of a conflict-scan?

Prevention of a protracted conflict with more costs and damage, possibly even ending in a lawsuit.

Relief of tension and restoration of mutual respect.

The basis for a good future cooperation has been restored. Or they say goodbye to each other with a satisfied feeling.