A business conflict has escalated. You are not able to work it out together. Legal action seems inevitable. With all the negative consequences that entails. A lawsuit can last for months at high costs. Also, a judge will enforce and impose a solution, leaving one or both sides with a disappointed feeling.
If this does not sound appealing, mediation is definitely worth considering.

In mediation I enable dialogue between both parties. In freedom and confidentiality, I help you find a way from the negative and destructive process to a satisfactory solution for both parties. That provides a good basis for future cooperation. Or say goodbye with a feeling of satisfaction.

“You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.” — Indira Gandhi

Conditions for mediation:

The first condition for mediation is that both parties participate voluntarily and have decision- making powers. During the conversations the interlocutors can speak freely and what they discuss remains between them and the mediator, confidentiality is very important. Finally, commitment is also essential; parties must be prepared to actively engage in mediation success.

Reasons to choose mediation:

The solution to the conflict is sustainable and acceptable to both parties.

After the conflict has been resolved, parties can continue to cooperate or say goodbye to each other on good terms.

It is much cheaper and faster than going to court. Usually the costs of the mediator are shared by the parties. And on average, a mediation process takes less than 8 hours, divided over a number of conversations.