Team coaching and development

There is a new team in your organization. Or there is friction within a team or between teams. Or you feel your team is falling apart and new members are not integrating in the team(‘s culture) and working remote is not helping.

The consequences of these circumstances are a decrease of trust, an increase of insecurity, and diminishing clarity and commitment towards the team’s purpose. Team coaching can restore trust and safety amongst team members, thus creating space for constructive discussion and a realigned focus on the purpose and objectives of the team.

Creating a stronger and more effective team. With better cooperation and better relations, both within the team, within the organisation and with other stakeholders.

The process:

I start with an in-depth intake with the client.
After that I have individual intakes with all team members, the team leader and any other essential players in “the system”.
The steps after that are determined upon the outcome of the intakes. Often a series of joint sessions follows.
If desired and applicable, in combination with individual coaching and leadership development.

What are the benefits of team coaching?

Insight into the team: in yourself and the other members in the team, in the purpose of the team and its position in the organization and beyond.
Increased trust, improved collaboration and a stronger focus on the team objectives.
More relaxation and fun within the team. With positive consequences for the entire organization.